The Austro-Indian Association

The Austro-Indian Association is devoted to the fostering of relations in the cultural, economic, social, scientific, and technological fields between Austria and India.

The aim of the Association’s activities is directed towards the circulation of a comprehensive image of today’s India. Mainly, it is intended to mediate contemporary trends in the above mentioned fields in India. In addition, the Association endeavours to identify and document as many forms as possible of past and present relations between the two countries.

The Association’s activities comprise:
• Provision of information about the mentioned fields by means of symposia, seminars, lectures, courses, filmshows and other audio-visual presentations.
• Making a broader Austrian audience aware of personal experiences of India by other Austrians in the form of talks and interviews.
• Organisation of concerts of classical Indian music of all styles as well as performances by representatives of folk art from different regions in India.
• Organisation of dance performances in various styles of classical Indian dance, contemporary forms of India’s art of dance, and those of popular traditions.
• Organisation of exhibitions of Indian art.
• Organisation of travel tours with a special focus and at favourable conditions to India.
• Organisation of social evenings with film and picture shows for travellers to India.
• Arranging joint festivities and organisation of trips into the vicinity of Vienna under the slogan 'Austrians meet Indians'.
• Since 1996 the Association is publishing a Newsletter - since 2005 online (see 'archiv' for previous issues).


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